There are those who say that visitors discard the home they don’t like at first glance, in the first 30 seconds. Therefore, buyer visits are crucial moments that we must make the most of, so arranging your apartment to make it attractive is essential.

A home that is pleasing to the eye will not only attract more buyers, but will also allow you to receive better offers and therefore increase its final sale price. Currently, “home staging” is gaining momentum, a very interesting technique that focuses on preparing the home to be sold or rented, so that it attracts the attention of potential buyers, usually at a low cost. Their task is precisely to make the homes shine and captivate with the first impression.

Today we will share some very simple and cheap “home staging” techniques with which you could prepare your apartment to sell it faster and at a better price.

Order and clear unnecessary items. Clutter and the accumulation of things will have very negative effects on your potential buyers. The rooms seem smaller and, with clutter, it seems as if there is not enough storage capacity. We recommend removing objects from tables or countertops and organizing cabinets. It is also a good idea to remove unnecessary small furniture. If the home has a garage or storage room, it is also important to organize them.

Depersonalize. It is very important to help buyers see themselves living in the apartment. For this reason, we suggest you enhance your home in a neutral way, so as to make the greatest number of buyers fall in love with it. This can be achieved, for example, by removing personal photographs, religious objects, collections, etc.

Repair and paint. This is the time to carry out all those small repairs that have been pending for a long time, such as replacing burned out light bulbs, repairing leaky taps, blinds that don’t work, etc. At the same time, if you haven’t painted in a while, this can be an excellent time. Nothing improves the appearance of a home more than freshly painted walls!

A touch of style. It would be interesting to think about some details to add style and good taste to a home. This can be achieved with very little, such as some colored cushions, or a plant. Always avoid overloaded and personal decoration.

Prepare the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the rooms that attract the most attention, so it will be important to prepare them well. Making sure the kitchen has good lighting and cabinets are organized will be a great start. As for the bathroom, removing mold from the joints, installing new faucets or even adding new towels will give the environment a much more pleasant appearance.

These are just some recommendations that will help you make the first impression positive, and you can sell faster and at a better price. However, the best recommendation will be to hire an agency that knows the market and can provide you with a professional valuation and an effective real estate marketing plan.

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