Invest in properties

It is no secret that property investment has been one of the safest, most stable and profitable investments in the last 50 years. If you are looking to invest, either for the first time, or to grow your current investment portfolio, we are here to help!

Our team has extensive knowledge of the local market, commercial experience and can also serve most investors in their own language. We have trained advisors to serve clients in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish.

Our investment opportunities are diverse, but we currently specialize in the following options:

Obra Nueva

An increasingly popular option that has found its boom in the post-pandemic world. The advantages of the New Build are many, such as the lack of need for renovations, the best equipment and technologies, and the best energy efficiency. Either to live or invest, the option of a New Build will always be attractive.

Bare Properties

A fantastic type of investment that has grown exponentially in recent years. It is a perfect medium / long term option for those looking to acquire a property at a fraction of its price (in some cases it can be 30-40% of its value). This is a great opportunity to acquire a property without too much upfront capital.


A very interesting opportunity for medium and large investors. If you are looking for profitability through an entire building, either renovated or to reform, we can help!

International Investments

Through alliances with foreign partners, we can offer you international investment opportunities. The vast majority of these options are managed “offline”, so we encourage you to tell us what type of international investment you are looking for, and our team will be able to present you with alternatives that fit your search criteria.

Shall we get the ball rolling?

We are pleased to see that most of our clients come from recommendations from other happy clients. Having so many satisfied owners is the best proof that we are definitely on the right track.

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