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Investing your savings in Bare Properties gives you access to the most profitable investment in the current market.
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A very successful solution to capitalize safely and effectively.

The Bare Property consists of the sale of a property without renouncing to the right of usufruct of the selling party. That is, whoever buys the home will have the title to the property but the selling party will continue to live there for an agreed time or until they can no longer use it.


Life annuity

In return, the selling party receives the sale sum plus a monthly income until the usufruct condition ends.


Medium-term investment

These are agreements that are entered into with elderly people, who decide to continue living in their home but need extra income to supplement their pension or retirement. It allows the buying party to take over a property by paying a value much lower than expected.


Advantages for the investor

Undoubtedly, a Bare Property has very interesting and attractive advantages, both for the owner and for the investor:

Medium-term investment
– Investment cost muchless than the total valueof the property.

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