The sophist Protagoras of Abdera said that “man is the measure of all things” and when I consider a property that is not for sale and the owner who inflexibly does not want to lower the price, I always remember this phrase.

Owners need a maturation period to understand all this information. The day they enter the market, they usually do so in a very rigid and inflexible way. As time goes by, they find that no one calls them, that there are no visitors and little by little they lower their expectations until they adjust to the reality of the market. That’s when a lot of clients call, a lot of viewings come up and the property sells quickly.

On the market there are two lists, that of homes that do not sell and that of homes that do sell and between the two, there is usually around a 20% difference in price. It is a matter of knowing how to explain it to the client with enough empathy so that they understand it and from there, inform, observe and respect their final decision.It’s important to understand that this is the case and that you can’t “force” anyone to go faster than they really can. It would be like requiring a kindergartener to do a trigonometry exercise for us.

How do you adapt your sales techniques to different types of clients and situations in the real estate market?

In our Judeo-Christian culture we have been brought up to “treat others as we would like to be treated.” This in the world of sales is a mistake, because if I do, I will only sell to those people who look like me, failing with the rest.It’s a matter of first learning what kind of salesperson I am as a person, as well as the different types of customers we’re going to find depending on the personality and mental preferences of each one, and being the ones who make the adaptive effort to approach them.

The way in which we treat a client with a “determined” profile, freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers, etc., people who are constantly making decisions and represent 15% of the population, will be very different from the way in which I approach a client with a peaceful profile, civil servants, permanent workers with many years of seniority, etc., people who find it very difficult to make decisions as relevant as the purchase of a home or the signing of a contract. a mortgage that will commit them for 30 years.It is therefore very important to be well trained to know how to identify in a few minutes what profile the new customer in front of you responds to, to adapt to their way of being and to be able to help them more deeply.

What role do interpersonal relationships and empathy play in the process of selling real estate, and how do you cultivate them in your team?

They play it all. Selling is an act of trust and if we don’t get it, we’re hardly going to get the sale. That is why it is so important to develop our communication skills, because on many occasions we observe that the professional, even though he was right in his position, lost it because of the ways in which he raised it.It is essential to understand that what is important is not “what I meant” but what “the client understood that I meant” and between the sender and the receiver, there are often real failures in the communication channel.But in all this philosophy you have to be practical and transmit confidence through a professional work where you have to explain the valuation, not do it without further ado and provide the owner with all the means to present the property to the future buyer, because, this is true, each property has its buyer.

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